Don Jr. and Ivanka are 'absolutely obsessed' with the power and influence associated with being in the White House, Trump documentary filmmaker says

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  • Trump's eldest children only care about preserving their brand, UK filmmaker Alex Holder said.
  • Ensuring that Trump "is not associated with defeat" is their top priority.
  • "They can't accept anything else," Holder said of the family-wide fixation. 

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Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump aren't ready to give up the prestige of being American political royalty — which is why they'll say or do anything to get their father back into the Oval Office, the UK filmmaker who followed the former first family around in late 2020 said. 

"They absolutely are obsessed with the power and the influence that you have when you're in the White House," Alex Holder, director of the "Unprecedented" documentary, told The Bulwark's Tim Miller on Tuesday. 

Holder, who said he sat down with Eric Trump, Ivanka, and Don Jr. for freewheeling interviews that spanned from the campaign trail to their former hotel in Washington, DC, said the Trump brood's sole mission in life is preserving their brand. 

"They just care about doing whatever they can to ensure that their father remains in power," Holder said. "And that Trump is not associated with defeat. They can't accept anything else."  

Trump's adult children have mostly abided by the embattled former president's baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him, save for Ivanka, who told the January 6 select committee that she had accepted then-Attorney General Bill Barr's analysis that there was no election fraud. 

Trump responded by posting online that Ivanka didn't know what she was talking about because she had long ago "checked out."

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, who both played advisory roles during Trump's administration, have reportedly since distanced themselves from his political machine

Holder gained access to the entire Trump clan in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election. He testified before the January 6 select committee about what he saw and heard in the White House regarding the deadly siege at the US Capitol.

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