Behold new pages from legendary artist Alex Ross’ new Fantastic Four epic

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Over the last 30 years, comic artist Alex Ross has redefined the Marvel and DC hero pantheon through hyperrealistic painting. From his acclaimed work in the graphic novel Kingdom Come to countless iconic covers (including a recent run on Immortal Hulk) and illustrations that gave Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy a soul, Ross’ style ties the past, present, and future of comic characters through works that could easily fit alongside fine art. But in his new graphic novel, he steps outside his comfort zone into the Negative Zone to imbue Marvel’s first family with mind-melting psychedelic energy.

The 64-page Fantastic Four: Full Circle finds Ross as both artist and writer for the first time, returning to a number of Stan Lee/Jack Kirby plot lines from the 1960s, specifically Fantastic Four #51, which sam Ben Grimm meet his doppelganger in the antimatter universe. To nod to the print style of Lee and Kirby’s day, Ross also shook up his painting process, opting for flat coloring, swapping watercolor for black ink, shading in a whole new style, and adding a digital dot screen effect. The result has Roy Lichtenstein flair while still being uniquely Ross.

In anticipation of Fantastic Four: Full Circle’s publication, Polygon presents a set of new interior pages from the book. After the Thing’s lookalike travels back to Reed Richards’ lab in our universe, all hell breaks loose — out of the guy’s mouth. In Ross’ hands, the expulsion is pure comic book spectacle.

The Fantastic Four examine Ben Grimm’s Negative Zone doppelganer on a table. He’s cocooned in writhing black shapes, and one begins to peek out of his mouth.

And here’s another taste of the eye-popping horrors within:

The Fantastic Four enter a chamber full of monsters of every color Image: Alex Ross/Abrams ComicArts

And finally, take a look at Ross’ process in designing the book’s incredible cover:

Fantastic Four: Full Circle arrives everywhere graphic novels are sold on Sept. 6.

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